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Verdant Frontiers has been building ventures across Africa for 10 years, raising $70M from US investors to date, launching nine ventures in Eastern and Southern Africa, and building a $200M portfolio in real estate and agriculture.​ In the next 10 years, Verdant Frontiers aims to create 100,000 life-transforming jobs in Africa, creating a $2B portfolio while generating a compelling return for investors.  As part of that goal and seeing the tremendous potential for impact and return, in early 2023, Verdant Frontiers launched the Verdant Frontiers Fintech Fund.  Leading the fund is Tony Chen, a 7x serial entrepreneur with 25+ years experience and 4 exits. Tony lived in Kenya with his family for 3 years and has been actively investing in Africa since 2016.

Fintech Fund Team

Verdant Frontiers Team

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